Not All “Immunity Boosters”
Are The Same

A strengthened immunity is the need of the hour. There is a range of
“Immunity Boosters” which are available in the market today, but that
does not mean that all “Immunity Boosters” are the same.

India’s Only Approved Drug
Combination of

Ascorbic Acid 1000mg & Zinc 10mgBoth Vitamin C and Zinc play a central role in strengthening the immune
system (Innate and Adaptive Immunity). Vitamin C reduces the risk, severity
and duration of infectious viral diseases. Zinc improves antiviral response and
systemic immunity.

Vitamin C & Zinc

Why is the “Right Dose” so important?

The “Right Dose” of Vitamin C & Zinc Plays a Crucial Role in Building Immunity

Vitamin C & Zinc play important roles in nutrition, immune defence and maintenance of health. Intake of both is inadequate, even in affluent populations. Deficiencies of Vitamin C and Zinc both severely depress immune responses. Vitamin C deficiency results in decreased resistance to disease. Zinc deficiency can have marked effects on virtually all components of the immune system, increasing susceptibility to a number of bacterial, viral and parasitic challenges.


S. Maggini, et al. A Combination of High Dose Vitamin C plus Zinc for the common cold. Journal of International Medical Research 2012 40: 28

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Role of Vitamin C & Zinc


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